EHB European Horizon Biotechnology Ltd is ready to establish itself on the EU territory as reliable supplier of organic innovative products, including cosmetic products and medicines for improving the health. Below are several factors why cooperation with EHB European Horizon Biotechnology Ltd is more profitable in comparison to other competitors in this market segment.

  1. The main Company products are liquid extracts. Liquid extracts are active microparticles, which biometric properties affect the cellular level and are able to penetrate to the deep layers of skin due to high-tech production in the latest generation labs.
  2. We use the purest biological agents produced in laboratory conditions.
  3. The Company does not use the following products in the manufacturing process:
    • silicone;
    • colorants;
    • synthetic odors;
    • acids;
    • fatty alcohol;
    • propylene glycol;
    • GMO;
    • And other dangerous chemical products.
  4. We constantly develop new products. Currently, the company’s product line includes 6 samples of cosmetic products and related promo materials. Within a year, the sample line is planned to be increased up to 10.
  5. Within the first year the products will pass voluntary certification. All cosmetic products meet No.1223/2009 regulation, which ensures their safety and sales in the EU countries. Also, we are planning to receive the nickel certificate, which guarantees that our products contain no nickel-containing allergenic compounds.

EHB European Horizon Biotechnology Ltd skin care products have the way to accumulate in the body cells, which over time amplifies the beneficial effect. These cosmetic products have no similar products and potentially have no competitors.

For details about purchasing cosmetic gels, their cost and terms of delivery, visit official site of Horizon Biotechnology.

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