How to Get Rid Of Plantar Calluses?

Apr 16 2019

The foot skin becomes coarse, if constantly contacts with uncomfortable shoes. Moreover, the dermis can be dry or hardened. Depending on the situation, this or that procedure can be chosen.

Summer Foot Care Routine​​

Mar 26 2019

In ancient Greece, it was not the hands, but the feet of noble ladies that were kissed, so they devoted a lot of time to the care routine of their feet and nails. It can be said that the pedicure ritual was almost sacred in different times and epochs among crowned heads.

Known lovers of pedicure were Queen Cleopatra and Nefertiti, even King Louis XIV of France did not shun this procedure.

In hot season, wearing sandals or shale, we have a great opportunity to show pedicure in all its glory. The true is that in summer we usually suffer from corns, plantar calluses and cracked heels, which spoil the beautiful view of the legs of the goddess.

Problem: Corns and Plantar Calluses

With a little spring in your step, you walk in your favorite shoes along the city roads, as if you are on a runway. Even if the shoes are uncomfortable, the heel is too high, and, in general, the shoes are pinching, but how beautiful the feet look in these stiletto heels or sandals.

Dry skin: an integrated approach to a hand care routine

Mar 19 2019

After working in a country house or after a general cleaning of the house, the skin of the hands becomes rough, chapped, reddened. How to keep your skin looking amazing?

Probably, vitamins may help.

A complex solution to the problem can be the most effective. You should start from inside of you body, from the proper nutrition.

Вairy products, eggs and dried fruits can be an option for breakfast. For lunch eat meat and a lot of greens (lettuce, spinach, parsley, dill). For dinner eat fatty fish or liver, beans, cabbage, and for dessert prunes and wild rose.

The above-mentioned products contain the following main elements: vitamins A and E, vitamins D and K, protein and, of course, fats, which is necessary for the skin not only in winter, but at any time of the year.

These substances will help to make the skin of your hands supple, softer and tender. For the best effect, it is recommended to take vitamin and mineral complexes a couple of times a year, which optimize the metabolism, energize the body and strengthen the immune system.


Mar 04 2019

Natural cosmetics are not always personally prepared cosmetics. Many people are frightened by the fact that they must measure something, mix it up, melt it in a water bath and wash the sink afterwards. In recent years, lots of things have changed, and now you can safely buy a ready-made natural product: both made industrially and handcrafted especially for you.

We are quite lucky, as the cosmetic market offers a healthy alternative to “classic” products. We should say a big thank you to Europe, from where the fashion for everything organic came to us.

Body Care Cosmetics

Feb 25 2019

The correct choice of modern cosmetic products for body care is not easy: the range is huge and our women, unlike the French or Italian women or other “spoiled” ladies, are not used to such abundance.

Deep Cleansing

Feb 18 2019

The next step is the deep cleansing. The use of scrub stimulates the regeneration processes of the skin: the old cells are being removed and the new ones are actively formed. The skin becomes smooth and beautiful. The body scrubs contain abrasive particles, which are larger than face scrubs; the dry skin peeling is enough once a week and the oily skin can be treated 2-3 times a week.

Apply the scrub to wet skin and distribute it through the body from bottom to top with massaging movements. Legs, knees, elbows should be rubbed gently, but carefully, just like the skin on stomach and chest, accompanied by light movements, trying not to hurt the moles, if there are any. After 3-5 minutes wash off the scrub with a lukewarm water and wet the body with a soft towel without rubbing the skin.

​1st step of Body care routine – cleansing

Feb 12 2019

The 1st step of your skin cleansing should start from a shower.

Don’t take too hot or too cool shower. It is better to have moderate water temperature; if you need to cheer up, use a shower can be a contrast. During the shower, the body should be rubbed with a hard washcloth, a mitten or a brush from bottom to top, starting from the toes with massaging movements, so that the dead cells are peeled off and the skin metabolism is activated.

Body Care Routine

Feb 08 2019

According to mother nature our body is perfect, but the youth is not eternal. Therefore, the earlier we begin to take care of our body, the longer the beauty granted by nature will be preserved. However, most of women forget about it. We take care of our face carefully, because it is always in sight, as soon as the body skin receives a minimum of attention. We “take care of it” only before the start of the beach season.

Perhaps the skin of the body is aging later, but the sebaceous glands are less, so without a proper care, it becomes thinner, dries and peels. Any injuries we might have on our body heal worse, so the deep peeling of the body skin, in contrast of the face skin, is not recommended.

Hair — Useful tips

Feb 05 2019

Useful Tips

  • Comb your hair, before washing. Start at your ends and gradually work your way up to the roots. This will help you to comb the hair after washing and to cause less damage to its structure.

Hair Care

Feb 01 2019

Hair washing is a traumatic process. Wet hair is more fragile and break more easily, so you should properly wash, dry and care for your hair.

Hand & Foot Care

Jan 30 2019

Wash your hands with mild soap (you can use baby soap) or even facial cleanser. A regular soap often dries and dehydrates the skin. An antibacterial soap acts even worse on hands: it kills bacteria, but it also dries the skin and destroys its protective barrier.

Body Care

Jan 25 2019

The body care does not require much effort: the skin should be cleaned, moisturized, using a scrub once a week. The best time for a skin care is before, during and after water treatments.

​​Useful Tips

Jan 21 2019

Useful Tips

The beauty and health of the skin depend not only on proper care, but also on daily habits. They do not require a lot of time and energy, but have a great influence on the general condition and appearance of the skin. Get used to these rules to prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

What Are the Types of Self-Care?

Jan 15 2019

Daily self-care is just as necessary as proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. It allows you to look good and to enjoy yourself in the mirror. By taking caring for ourselves, we prolong the youth of the skin and fight the wrinkles.

The self-care can be divided into four types: skincare, body care, hand care and hair care. You must pay special attention to all parts of the body. But how to find more time, if we return home from work in the evening and we want to sleep a little bit longer in the morning?

Organic cosmetics: benefit or harm?

Jan 09 2019

The word "organic" is the latest fashion trend, as the organic itself, including the beauty industry, where the organic cosmetics are extremely popular. It consists of a variety of organic ingredients; the skin is not overloaded with synthetic additives that are harmful to the human’s body. Are the organic cosmetics so safe and effective?

Cosmetic products for skin care

Dec 31 2018

Today, many cosmetic companies offer products for skin care at home. These are scrubs, gels, milk, lotions and creams. However, to start caring for your body skin should be with the help of morning exercises, improving its blood supply and nutrition. After gymnastics, you can take a shower using a gel or scrub to clean your skin not only from dirt, but also from dead cells.

​Nutrition and skin massage: skin care at home

Dec 27 2018

If the skin is flabby, then you need to use astringents and tonics, properly and fully eat to ensure the normal state of the subcutaneous fat layer. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, fish, meat, dairy products – all this will help to improve skin blood circulation and nutrition. Home masks for flabby skin should include yeast, juices and fruit pulp, egg yolks.

Soap, lotions and herbal infusions for washing the skin

Dec 24 2018

Do I use soap for washing? Most cosmetologists believe that you can use soap once a day to clean your skin before you sleep but if you only have oily skin. Other skin types can become inflamed and dry if you constantly wash with soap, even gentle cosmetic. In such cases, you can use emollient emulsions and cleansing lotions – both in the morning and in the evening. There are also special cleansing creams, with a liquid consistency, not penetrating into the pores of your skin. You can also use cleansing broths and herbal infusions, and even unrefined vegetable oil – linseed, olive, almond, peach, etc.

Skin care products: how to wash properly

Dec 19 2018

Perhaps we forgot about it, but the most important tool for skin care is ordinary water. It is water, if it meets all the requirements, preserves the health and beauty of our skin.

When we wash, we clean the skin from dirt, fat, secretions, as well as microbes that fall on it from the outside. When washing with warm or cool water it improves skin blood circulation, it begins to breathe and better perceives nutrients.

Skin care. How to care properly for face and body skin. Home and beauty skin care products.

Dec 17 2018

Our grooming and beauty have several components: a beautiful figure, healthy and strong hair, and of course, smooth and velvet skin. It’s women's skin that poets had been glorifying for centuries, and great artists always tried to find colors to express its tenderness and charm of shades on the canvas.

​Organic Cosmetics

Dec 06 2018

The term "organic", which means "natural", comes to cosmetics from agriculture. In the 20s of the 20th century, the German scientist and thinker Rudolf Steiner, in response to the widespread use of chemical fertilizers, founded the direction of organic farming. Nowadays the farming without chemistry and bio-modifications dominates in Western Europe and is rapidly moving around the world. Organic cosmetics consist of complex ingredients grown by organic farming or by wild harvesting.

Modern alternative to chemical cosmetic products

Oct 16 2018

Cosmetic products based on the use of chemical technology are a thing of the past. Today, there are several alternatives that allow you to replace dangerous cosmetic products with more useful and harmless to health.

One of the fields is organic cosmetics. These are the same products, which consist of natural ingredients. They should be composed of 95% organic ingredients, only then the manufacturer has the right to write on the label that the product contains an organic complex of ingredients.

Silicones in cosmetics: why to avoid?

Oct 16 2018

Any type of skin is susceptible to the silicones which are contained in some cosmetic products. They are dangerous due to their cumulative effect, that’s why it may be difficult to see the connection between the deterioration in skin condition, health and cosmetic products made with the silicones.

Why do brands add coloring agents into cosmetics?

Oct 07 2018

Coloring agents are surely added into the decorative cosmetics – this is evident and quite reasonable. But why should the manufacturers color creams, serums, oils, and shampoos? Colored shampoo will not add any color to the hair. Just think why you buy this or that liquid soap, when you can choose from hundreds of others? Right you are – the package is nice, the price is affordable, the liquid has bright color.

The smell of the product is also important. If the smell doesn’t remind synthetics and matches the customers’ tastes, it is highly likely that they will choose this very product. That’s why the companies add coloring agents. The question is: is it safe?

First of all, note that a coloring agent cannot be useful. It is something you can’t deny. And the harm is quite possible, if the substances affect the skin and the body in an aggressive manner.

A coloring agent can be natural or synthetic. It is easy to understand that synthetic materials are dangerous. A natural color is extracted from different foods, for example, a beetroot.

Natural identical products: examples and danger

Sep 30 2018

Marketing experts are becoming more and more tricky: in the recent years, labels of cosmetic products, such as face creams, shower gels, cleansing products, etc. are marked with the “natural identical products” phrase. You can find many interpretations of such phrase, but the principle is exactly the same – the producer provides a component similar to the natural composition trying to hide its chemical origin.

Biomedicine is one of the biotechnology fields

Aug 13 2018

Biotechnology is growing rapidly. The basics and principles are applied in several modern fields, one of which is biomedicine.

Biomedicine is a traditional science field that studies the problems of human health, and how human organs and systems work. However, compared to standard medicine, here, the development of innovative methods used in therapeutic combined practices is becoming relevant.

6 products to help the vessels

Aug 13 2018

Different vessel problems are diagnosed with many people. Thrombophlebitis, varix, and many other diseases should be treated not only with medical chemical drugs, but also with right nutrition behavior which could improve the situation.

Read what products are useful for our valuable vessels. Our list contains no fat or calorie-rich food, because this food could only harm the vessels. So, how can we help our body to deals with blood vessel diseases? By eating the following food:

Medicinal plants for pain in different parts of the spine

Jul 30 2018

Back pain is a very unpleasant and discomforting phenomenon. The first thing a person does against this pain is an anesthetic injection or uses an anesthetic ointment (cream). But these remedies are not therapeutic and can only remove pain for a while.

The right thing to do is to visit a doctor immediately, who following necessary examination and analysis will prescribe a proper treatment. Without a due expert advice you can only use warming, cooling, anesthetic and of course therapeutic ointments or creams based on natural products.

Treatment of psoriasis with natural products

Jun 11 2018

Psoriasis is a chronic disease which is difficult to cure. It is aggravated by the fact that this disease dramatically spoils the look of human. Red spots appear on the skin, which scale and look unpleasant. They could merge, thus expanding the affected areas. Without any treatment, the spots are gradually extending and cover healthy skin. At the same time, the disease develops in a wave-like manner: remissions alternate with acute conditions which could be provoked nearly by everything.

Facial cosmetic products

Jun 04 2018

There are several areas of facial cosmetic production. Each of them has its specific features which primarily have different composition.

Industrial area is the most popular one. Cosmetic products market is filled with such category of products to 70%. However, their quality is not the best in terms of safety and health and particularly skin benefits.

Symptoms of nail fungus on the legs

Jun 04 2018

Onychomycosis, or nail fungus, is one of the most common infections which is difficult to treat. Its originators are the fungi of different types. Onychomycosis is characterized by highly viable disease-producing germs which are extensively reproduced in their areas without proper treatment. As a result, both nail and the surrounding soft tissues of the finger are infected.

This disease is unpredictable, could start again even after a treatment course taken by patient. It may be difficult to completely recover from onychomycosis. It can take a long time for a nail plate to be completely destroyed if the disease is too advanced. This disease is also unpleasant since it can easily be transmitted to other people when they share everyday objects (manicure accessories, shoes, socks).

Purposes of high-quality beauty products

May 27 2018

Cosmetics are not just substances to be applied to the skin, lashes, and nails. They are a complex of methods and techniques to prolong the youth period, improve appearance and even human health.

Everything about varicosity: causes, symptoms, treatment options

May 22 2018

Varicosity is a serious disease which is characterized by the loss of elasticity, expansion, and extension of veins. Varicose veins on legs result in thrombus which could develop pulmonary artery. The disease starts from the lower part of the legs, arms, and shoulders. Besides, it damages esophageal walls, straight intestine, alvus, and bladder. The risk of having such a disease increases with age.

Nonconventional medicine and science: can they be used together?

May 15 2018

In medical institutions you can frequently hear some negative comments from the doctors about the patients who chose nonconventional medicine. They say it is pseudo-science which cannot help rather take your precious time.

What provokes pain in lower back: causes and diseases

May 06 2018

Aching, shooting, piercing pain in the lower back brings discomfort to people of different ages. It may be provoked by different causes. It is important to catch the moment and start treatment at an early stage of the disease. Usually, along with pain, flexing and extending movements can also cause acute discomfort. But this is only accompanying symptoms. What is really going on?

Peptides in cosmetics: how innovations work

Mar 28 2018

Peptides are short chains of amino acids. They are the protein fragments which are very good at interacting with the skin cells. In other words, peptides are the signals sent to the skin cells with a particular information for further orders.Peptides could give a relaxation effect. The skin relaxes, while the bacterial medium covering the skin becomes normalized.However, these benefits of the peptides are not the main ones. The researches proved that peptides contribute to the natural generation of collagen, trigger the regeneration processes. Peptides are about the future of the cosmetics, that is why innovative technologies very often give an opportunity to add peptides to the composition of products.In the anti-age care products peptides are of special value, because ageing processes slow down the generation of collagen. The efficiency of this method also depends on the substances injected to the body and related products.

Biotechnologies in cosmetology: innovative approach basis

Mar 08 2018

Being extensively applied in Russia, biotechnologies create two quite opposing feelings:• fear and doubts of those people who have never tried them;• enthusiasm and admiration of the ones who have tried them and could judge.

Fantastic, smart, advanced… Cosmetic products developed with biotechnological methods have a lot of positive epithets, however, just a few people know about their unique properties.

In fact, biotechnology could be characterized with at least five competitive benefits referring this method to a revolutional one in the cosmetic industry.

What is the right way to clean the nail on the big toe?

Dec 01 2017

Nail fungus is typically the result of nail injury or damage, dirty socks and shoes with poor air circulation. The disease can also depend on the genetic factors. If you don’t clean the fungus, the nail will change its color and start crumble, that will finally damage the nail.

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