Fungonis Gel – is a new bio technology designed specially to combat dermatophytic infections.

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Fungonis Gel - is a new bio technology designed specially to combat dermatophytic infections. Gel with high concentration of active ingredients affects species of cutaneous fungi being pathogenic for humans and is necessary if at the moment there are signs of dermatophytic infections in the body or in case when a person suffers from this problem for sufficiently long period. Usually it takes at least 2-3 weeks to eliminate cutaneous fungus (this depends on the rate of regeneration of the affected area and the degree of the severity of the problem, as well as on the thoroughness of compliance with personal hygiene rules).

Fungonis Gel - is a symbiosis of traditional medicine with the latest achievements in technology and science. Its components affect the matrix of the fungus itself, as a result of which fungal spores are eliminated, making its further spreading impossible. If the problem is solved in a timely manner, the fungal “network” will lose the opportunity to spread throughout the body. It is the gel-like texture that promotes uniform distribution over the dermal and nail surfaces, which is very important in combating the fungus. A high degree of penetration helps to solve the problem with the fungus as qualitatively and as precisely as possible. When developing the formula Fungonis Gel we have used all the experience and accumulated knowledge of developers, which made it possible to produce a product that is aimed at:


  • elimination of nail fungus during course use of the product
  • restoration of the stratum corneum and the nail surface
  • decrease in the likelihood of recurrence of a fungal infection


Combination of active ingredients not only eliminates the fungus, but also eliminates the very cause of the disease - a fungal infection.



From my experience I can say that the FUNGONIS gel is very helpful. Its producer guarantees that it: — removes nail fungus —restores the horny layer and nail surface — reduces the chance of fungus infection recurrence It all works, especially when you, already during your treatment period, clean your shoes, even those you use at home, with shoe disinfectant.

18 Dec 2017


Este problema sólo lo he enfrentado hace un tiempo luego de ir a la piscina sin chanclas. Una amiga me recomendó el gel FUNGONIS. Un lindo frasquito con un dosificador cómodo. Es súper fácil de utilizar: sólo tienes que lavar los pies, secarlos bien y aplicar el gel. Lo he estado usando durante varios días. Me ayudó, me dejó de picar y se fue el olor.

30 Dec 2017


Il gel FUNGONIS è una texture gelatinosa che favorisce una distribuzione uniforme sulla pelle e sulle unghie, aspetto molto importante nella lotta contro i funghi. L'alto grado di penetrazione aiuta a risolvere il problema con il fungo nel modo più accurato possibile e con la migliore qualità possibile. Così dice il produttore. E sì, questo gel ha un'ottima efficacia. Mi ha aiutato.

10 Apr 2018


Mój mąż zaczął mieć problemy ze skórą nóg. Pojawiło się swędzenie i łuszczenie się. Znajomy poradził mu, żeby kupił mu żel FUNGONIS, i powiem od razu, że naprawdę pomógł. Żel nie jest najtańszy, ale radzi sobie ze swą rolą "doskonale", wystarczy pamiętać, że stosowanie powinno być regularne, a wtedy wszystko przejdzie bez śladu.

12 Feb 2018


Uma vez ouvi sobre o gel de FUNGONIS antifungoso dos meus amigos e logo esqueci-me dele. Depois comecei problemas com pernas por causa da circulação longa em botas. O naggers em um único, e logo e descascamento começou a incomodar-me fortemente. Foi necessário lembrar-se de que isto significa e comprar. Os sintomas desagradáveis começaram a desaparecer para o terceiro dia do uso deste gel. Depois de uma semana do uso, os meios enfrentaram uma coceira, e aqui sobre o descascamento enquanto não há resultado necessário. Precisamente decidi que continuarei usando este gel magnífico além disso.

01 Mar 2018


It helped my husband during his military service. During my husband’s military service his feet had it rough, which consequently resulted in fungus, which happens nearly to everyone. Then he had an itch in the feet area, so I brought him the FUNGONIS gel, as it had a very easy-to-use packaging and texture. And you know what? It stopped itching in two days. Highly recommended!

27 Mar 2018

Laura P.

La lesione fungina delle unghie, dei piedi e delle dita dei piedi è una delle malattie più sgradevoli. Si riferisce a malattie infettive perchè si trasmette da vari tipi di funghi. Questa è una cosa molto spiacevole, che provoca prurito e desquamazione della pelle, e appare anche un odore. Bagni, unguenti solforici e altri rimedi "popolari"non hanno aiutato e ho deciso di provare il gel FUNGONIS. E per una buona ragione. È facile da usare Il fungo è scomparso il terzo giorno.

08 Jan 2018

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