Move & Flex is designed to facilitate such conditions as joint pain, whether the problem is in back, lower back, neck, knees or hands.

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Move&Flex is designed to facilitate such conditions as joint pain, whether the problem is in back, lower back, neck, knees or hands. Because of the impact, Move&Flex allows you to return to an active lifestyle at any age. The speed of action is achieved due to exclusively natural components. Regular use of the product is aimed at long-term results. Thanks to the unique formula, the cream is easily applied without leaving any stains on clothes.

Move&Flex “restarts” the organism at the cellular level and provides blood supply to the cartilages of our body including damaged joints weakened by slow old cells. It gives them original, natural state.

Painful syndromes form stiffness and muscle tension, swelling and redness of problem areas, as well as impaired motor function of the joints. Composition of Move&Flex cream was developed taking into account all these features. The accumulative effect of using is achieved with the course application of the remedy for several weeks.

Move&Flex provides a continuous dosage of active ingredients and after penetration into the skin the cream begins to make a nutritive support of the injured tissues and thus resolve the condition so that the problem with the joints no longer returns. The maximum effect in the fight against the painful condition of the joints can be achieved by observing proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



Minha mãe tem probelma com uniões. Tentamos o já enorme número de vários meios, mas a dor não a abandona. Depois que compramos e tentamos o Move & Flex a nata, decidimos que o compraremos com um estoque. Esta nata deu o quase ao mesmo tempo efeito positivo, a mãe tornou-se mais ativamente, começou a mover-se mais e p quase esqueceu-se de preocupações com uniões. Esta magia de creme, graças ao produtor!

13 Dec 2017


Siedzący tryb życia daje o sobie znać - bóle stawów, kolan, dolnych pleców. Kremy i maści dają efekt tymczasowy, ale Move & Flex jest tym, czego potrzeba. Używam go regularnie przez prawie miesiąc i jestem bardzo szczęśliwy - to naprawdę pomaga. Mogę siedzieć cały dzień przy biurku, a potem wstać i iść - bez bólu i odrętwiałych nóg. Chcę więcej się ruszać, ciało czuje się znacznie lepiej! Prawdziwe zbawienie!

04 Jan 2018


Ho cominciato a usare la crema, l'effetto non apparve il primo giorno, ma poi funzionò al cento per cento. Aiuta anche i miei figli bene con lividi e contusioni, allevia rapidamente il dolore. Sempre da qualche parte prendono le botte, ed è bene che ora ci sia un rimedio naturale ed efficace.

06 Feb 2018


Great product for those who train a lot in the gym! Good for injuries, and even relieves muscle soreness after an intensive training. It is very easy to carry it in a backpack so that you can use it anytime you need. The cream is easily absorbed, relieves swelling and redness, very helpful. I usually apply it just after a shower, on my knees, elbows, especially on the lower back. In the morning I have no pain, and I can train as long as I need. Feeling great. Excellent product!

05 Jun 2018

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