Papillor is designed to soften the skin and is an effective tool for fighting papillomas and warts at home.

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Papillor is designed to soften the skin and is an effective tool for fighting papillomas and warts at home.

Microtrauma, scrapes, cracks and other skin lesions contribute to the spread of warts and papillomas. Papillor has a double effect on the basal cells of the epithelium, while the creamy structure of Papillor has significant penetrating effect and this effect acts on several levels: epidermis, upper layer of the skin and the cellular level hiding most of the problems associated with the formation of warts and papillomas.

Papillor means:

  • Clean skin on fingers, hands, feet, neck and back, underarm area
  • Equalizing color of the skin
  • Softening of dry corns and warts

In case of prolonged use of Papillor, for at least 2-3 weeks, changes can be seen, which means that not only the effect is eliminated, but also the cause of papillomas and warts.

Since it is impossible to get rid of human papillomavirus, it is possible to influence the problem from the inside, by drowning it to the state of “falling asleep”. Composition of Papillor includes only extracts of natural, antibacterial plants (extracts of flowers of calendula, St. John's wort, horse chestnut, leaf of Betula pendula, etc.) and therefore it can be safely trusted in dealing with such a delicate problem as warts and papillomas.



Am încercat tot. Nimic nu mi-a ajutat, medicii mi-au spus că am un fel de papilomavirus uman iar tratament nu există. Pentru a elimina papiloamele cel puțin pe corpul meu, mi-au sugerat eliminarea acestuia cu azot lichid. După îndepărtarea papiloamelor, acestea au crescut din nou. Am decis să cumpăr Papillor (prieteni mi-au sfătuit). A trecut un an și eu încă n-am papilloamele!

26 Nov 2017


Wszystko wspaniale, pomógł mi w walce z brodawkami. Polecam.

12 Dec 2017


Ho comprato "Papillor" per eliminare i calli secchi. Ho notato il risultato una settimana dopo, i calli si sono gradualmente trasformati in una pelle sana. Nel caso di ricorrenza di calli, sceglierò nuovamente "Papillor".

14 Feb 2018

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