Psorilin is an innovative bio product is designed to eliminate the cause of the appearance of psoriatic skin manifestations.

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Psorilin is an innovative bio product with a high concentration of active components. Psorilin allows you to get the fastest response at the cellular level. Formula of the composition of the cream is designed to eliminate the cause of the appearance of psoriatic skin manifestations, stopping the possibility of their further spread for 2-4 weeks.

The cream has a complex effect:

  • softens necrotic particles of the epidermis, causing them to peel softly and making space for new healthy skin cells
  • relieves of feeling dry, and tight skin with delayed effect to moisturize its surface
  • restores microcirculation in the upper and deeper layers of the skin providing vitamins and minerals to its cells.

The cream is effective if at the present moment your body shows signs that characterize the onset of psoriasis manifestation or if the person suffers from this problem for a sufficiently long period of time. Achieving the effect of “clean skin” takes at least 2-3 weeks (this depends on the degree of the severity of the problem and your lifestyle,the nutrition of the person who uses the cream). This novel remedy includes only the extracts of natural plants making a cumulative effect of Psorilin.



Sou muito contente que comprou isto significa. Infelizmente, esta doença foi descida à nossa criança. Temos medo de usar qualquer nata na pele de crianças terrivelmente, mas PSORILIN foi a nata excelente. Esta nata não contém tinturas e também tem a estrutura natural. A nata muito rapidamente retira a irritação! Pode usá-lo seguramente e também aconselhar esta nata aos seus parentes.

30 Nov 2017


Krem można stosować jako środek profilaktyczny przeciw łuszczycy. Wszelkie zaczerwienienia natychmiastowo znikają! Ponadto doskonale usuwa suchość i nawilża uszkodzoną skórę. Co prawda, w cięższych przypadkach nie przyniesie pożądanego efektu.

16 Jan 2018


Eccellente! Soffro di psoriasi sin dall'infanzia, cosa che non ho provato. Nel reparto dermatologico, tutti sanno tutto solo a vedermi! Fortunatamente, mi sono imbattuto in crema PSORILIN. All'inizio ho pensato che è uguale come altri mezzi, ma in realtà l'effetto mi ha incredibilmente soddisfatto. Dopo due settimane, le macchie sono quasi invisibili! Posso tranquillamente chiamare la crema il mio salvatore personale. Sono molto contenta.

28 Feb 2018


It’s more than just a cream, it’s a miracle! As soon as spring comes, I get all itchy. So, a few weeks before the spring I take precautions using PSORILIN, after that neither itching nor burning bothers me. I recommend it to everyone.

10 Apr 2018

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