Variconis is a bio product for solving the problem of varicose veins.

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Variconis is a bio product for solving the problem of varicose veins. The gel acts accurately in the problem areas, and the speed of action is provided by the natural composition and quality of the selected ecologically pure raw materials.

Active microparticles penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, and thanks to this, gel, with the help of directional action, redistributes the pressure is exerted on the inner walls of the vessels, which allows a drastic change in the approach to the problem of varicose veins.

If the vessel is visible through the layer of the epidermis, it is weakened. The thicker the veins, the more noticeable their blue color. Nodules and so-called “vascular spiders” are developing. These formations are clearly visible on the legs and other parts of the body. Eliminating the cause of the problem, Variconis returns the damaged vessels of our body to their original, natural state. It eliminates the very cause of the problem - the stagnation of blood in veins and the weakened walls of the vessels that suffers a daily load.


Variconis is aimed at solving a set of problems that causes varicose veins:

  • disappearance of reddening of capillaries
  • decrease of bloated veins in size
  • getting rid of puffiness
  • relief of pain and sense of heaviness in legs
  • relaxation of tired muscles
  • normalization of blood circulation


Accumulative effect of the action of the gel is achieved with a course application of the product in 3-5 weeks.
Rubbing the cream relaxes and normalizes the blood flow and, thus, removes the swelling and then, after penetrating the skin, begins to give a nutritive support to the injured vessels and veins.
Variconis is aimed at fixing the result, so that the problem of varicose does not return for a long period of time.



Żylaki dręczą mnie od długiego czasu. Teściowa poradziła, abym zwróciła uwagę na żel Variconis. Ja, oczywiście, nie namyślając się długo, kupiłem go, ponieważ żadne inne środki nie dały oczekiwanego efektu. Kupiłam i po prostu nie mogłam uwierzyć własnym oczom! Kilka dni po ustąpieniu obrzęku ból zmniejszył się. Dla mnie jest to po prodtu świetny wynalazek. Bez wątpienia, kupię więcej!

24 Nov 2017


Since childhood, I had sore legs, but I did not attach any special importance to it. One day however the pain became just unbearable, I got swelling. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with varicose veins. A friend reassured me that there was a cure for this disease, and she recommended, among others, the Variconis gel. I bought it without a second thought and was just stunned by the result. This gel is just a real find. The pain has decreased, swelling disappeared, I literally run, and feel quite comfortable. I recommend it to everyone!

03 Feb 2018


This cream is just a find for me. Before I often bought different antivaricosis products, creams, pills, but none of them worked. Then I bought the Variconis gel and saw the result already some days later. Leg pain diminished, swelling and contusions disappeared. It is definitely the best product I ever used.

23 Mar 2018

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