Production EU cosmetics market have seen the latest developments from EHB European Horizon Biotechnology Ltd which are based on the studies of liquid extracts properties. The results of work brought the products with the extracts of biologically active particles able to penetrate into the deepest skin layers at the cell level with a positive impact on the skin and a rejuvenating effect.

Production With highly technological manufacturing and laboratories equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment, the products are manufactured with the natural ingredients of plant origin. Presently, 6 cosmetic products have been developed and manufactured, and the laboratories have designed 4 test samples which would be manufactured under the following names: Move & Flex, Fungonis Gel, Papillor, StrongUp Gel. Besides, in the nearest future, list of the skin care products will be extended up to 10 products.

Production All cosmetic products from EHB European Horizon Biotechnology Ltd comply with the highest safety standards adopted in EU countries and have certificates of quality.

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